Fans react after ESPN calls Toronto Blue Jays a ‘beer league softball team’

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TORONTO – The Toronto Blue Jays had the night off Monday but that didn’t stop the team from trending on social media.

During Monday night’s game between the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals, ESPN broadcaster Dallas Braden sparked uproar on 广州蒲友 after calling the Blue Jays a “beer league softball team.”

The broadcast team was dissecting the Royals offence in the bottom half of the first inning when Braden made the remark.

“We (the Royals) got an offence but we can go about it in a multitude of ways. We can do it on the base path…moving guys around…we can also hit the long-ball,” Braden explained. “So [the Royals] are not that beer league softball team up north that they have in Canada, but [the Royals] can swing the bat just as well as anybody in the game.”

The comment caused some confusion and uproar amongst Jays fans, igniting 广州蒲友.

Wow, watching Monday Night Baseball, Tigers vs Royals and the announcer (not sure who) just called the Jays “a beer league softball team”

— Blue Jays Live (@Blue_Jays_Live) August 11, 2015

Have you seen people who play beer league softball? They don’t look like this pic.twitter苏州美甲纹绣培训/5naLvePJt7

— Joanna (@HumandChuck) August 11, 2015

A “beer league team” that has scored 121 more runs and hit 67 more home runs than the Royals.

— Ian Hunter (@BlueJayHunter) August 11, 2015

@espn has beer league level announcers tonight at the Det-KC game. #BlueJays

— Mike McPhee (@ManCaveMMA) August 11, 2015

@espn Beer League. What are you smoking boys. Very ignorant comment

— John S (@Toronto_John63) August 11, 2015

In the bottom of the 7th inning Braden clarified his remarks.

“I affectionately referred to [the Blue Jays as] a beer league softball team or a beer league softball lineup because you got guys one-through-four that can just roll out there and hit a homer…it’s almost like they don’t have to try…” Braden said.

Some fans understood the reference.

@DALLASBRADEN209 I apologize on behalf of the decent/smart Jays fans everywhere. We aren’t all like the dumb ones you encountered last night

— Siobhán (@highsockmojo) August 11, 2015

Dear Jays fans: just because we are relevant again doesn’t automatically mean that suddenly all US broadcasters hate the Jays #context

— Siobhán (@highsockmojo) August 11, 2015

@DALLASBRADEN209 as a jays fan I’m embarrassed that our fan base took your comment the way they did, sorry for that. We’re not all idiots

— Adam Blenckstone (@adamblenckstone) August 11, 2015

While others were still upset Tuesday morning, including Toronto’s newly acquired ace David Price.

Did #ESPN really call us a “beer league softball team?!” I’m guessing cause we hit homers?? That’s all we do well right?! #hihaters

— David Price (@DAVIDprice14) August 11, 2015

Beer league teams don’t pitch like #Price or catch like #KPillar4, #MLB #BlueJays

— Sebastien Lalonde (@MrSebbo) August 11, 2015

If #Jays roster was the #Yankees you think Dallas would call them Beer League? And if he did he would get jumped on twitter. @SNJeffBlair

— Fernando (@kiko_baller) August 11, 2015

@DAVIDprice14 a beer league softball team that can shutout and sweep the Yankees??

— Tony (@TJNicol10) August 11, 2015

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