New local Saskatoon producer offering door-step delivery

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Watch above: Our Farm is Saskatoon’s latest vegetable producer, and as Carly Robinson found out, they are offering to deliver the produce right to your doorstep.

SASKATOON – Our Farm is the new kid on the block in terms of locally grown produce, and they’re offering to come to you. Dennis Skoworodko is on a quest for the best tasting vegetables to grow in his garden in order to have something truly farm fresh.



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    “I think as a culture Canadians, we really don’t eat that healthy. And I think part of the reason is that the foods that are healthy that we can buy commercially don’t taste that good,” said Skoworodko.

    Skoworodko singles out the brandy wine tomatoes Our Farm grows as “everything a commercial grower doesn’t want. Because they have thin skin so they don’t ship well, they have irregular shape so they don’t pack well and plus they have irregular ripening so it’s very labour intensive to harvest them.”

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    However it’s the taste that he believes sets them apart.

    “If vegetables tasted like this, we would probably eat a lot healthier.”

    Our Farm will deliver their fresh veggies with a fee, or you can come meet them Saturday until Sept. 26 at their market at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall parking lot at Broadway and 8th Street.

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