Two family members, two collisions, one intersection

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WINNIPEG – Megan Soroko is still shaken and in pain after her car was hit by another at a busy, and some say increasingly dangerous intersection, in North Kildonan.

Soroko was driving down Headmaster Row toward Raleigh street Saturday afternoon when she was struck by a vehicle travelling south.  The impact of the crash sent both cars spinning in the middle of the street.


“As you’re coming up you can’t really see if anybody is coming up or pulling through and so by the time I saw him we were two seconds away from colliding and then we collided,” said Soroko.

Soroko’s brother, Joel, was also hit at the eaxct same intersection almost eight years ago. The long-time North Kildonan resident says he still deals with chronic back pain.

He now wants to see a four way stop on Raleigh. Right now there is no sign for those crossing it on Headmaster or on the immediate intersections north and south of there

“People would recognize that they have to stop, they’d have to look in all the directions because I think right now…  there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to these intersections,” he said.

Soroko said there was a proposal to close this section of Raleigh back in 2011  when the Chief Peguis Trail extension was being planned. But it never went through.

“It’s a lot less busy of a street,” said North Kildonan city councillor Jeff Browaty who thinks neither a closure or more stop signs are necessary.

“If people were following the laws and stopping at the stop sign there wouldn’t be a problem,” said Browaty.

Browaty tells Global News he plans to speak with police Monday and ask for increase enforcement at problematic intersections.

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