Wasps out in full force and mosquitoes on the way

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REGINA – When it comes to pesky bugs, the mosquito count is significantly down but the wasps are out in full force.

“They just seem to be everywhere. It doesn’t matter. We sat down and we didn’t have anything to eat and they were flying around us,” said one patron at Leopald’s Tavern on Monday afternoon.

“August is the month where we start to see a lot more wasp was activity,” said Russell Eirich, the forestry and pest control manager for the City of Regina.


The city is receiving about five calls a week from people concerned about the yellow jackets, compared to just one complaint per week earlier this summer.

“They’re trying to get that sugar to help feed their nests. They may go for a little more of the meat as the year progresses,” said Eirich. “The best thing that you can do is destroy the nest.”

About ten traps surround the perimeter of the patio at Leopald’s Tavern, which helps but doesn’t eliminate the problem.

“There were a couple of young kids out here this morning that were having a tough time dealing with the wasps because they were drinking juice and one of them spilt all over the table, so they were just swarmed,” said Elsa Bolen, a server at Leopald’s.

Mosquitoes, on the other hand, have been quiet this summer.

“We’re catching nine mosquitoes per trap, compared to our average of 192 mosquitoes per trap,” said Eirich.

However the recent rain combined with this week’s heat, could mean a mosquito comeback: “We’ll probably see a little bit more of an emergence this week, Wednesday or Thursday maybe would be my guess.”

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